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Thrill Kill

nd by this point, our mouths were dry, eye's bloodshot, and head in the clouds. We had been playing Tony Hawk all afternoon, and I was quite sick of it. This seemed like most of my summer days. My pal ...

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What can be done to change the negative reputation of skateboarders?

alfpipes in their backyards. (The Concrete Wave: The History Of Skateboarding, HAWKTony Hawk was born on May 12 1968, making him 33 years old. He is considered the godfather ... tions then any other skateboarder, and has invented over 80 tricks, which in my book would classify Tony Hawk as the best, most popular, and most influential skateboarder the world has ever known. He ...

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Slam Essay

n Sam's life that define who he is. An important character that helps develop Sam as a character is Tony Hawk. Tony Hawk is important in Sam's life by offering him a sort of role model or father figur ... le model or father figure. This was evident at the start of the book when Sam announces, "I talk to Tony Hawk, and Tony Hawk talks back". Tony Hawk is represented as a poster, which Sam talks too, con ...

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