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The Virtues, what are they and where are they found?

I. The VirtuesIn Robin Waterfield's translation of The Republic,Socrates attempts to give a definition of justice. At the end of Book II ...

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Accounts of Eros in the Plato's "Symposium"

much different from the views from the time of Socrates and Plato. To them love was eros, a direct translation of the word love.However, the word itself wasn't the only thing that was different about ... with Agathon's speech.In the times of Socrates and Plato, eros was a much different word then it's translation: love. He have seen how love takes the shape of a god, and how it has influenced the evo ...

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Introns and Exons

ne of DNA. In eukaryotes the mRNA is processed in the nucleus before transport to the cytoplasm for translation. In order for the mRNA to become true functioning RNA it must under go several stages of ... methylguanosine residue by a triphosphate bond this is called the G-cap. The G-cap is necessary for translation. The subunit of the ribosome recognizes the G-cap and then finds the initiation codon to ...

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Analysis of the story "Shakespeare in the bush".

re or less universal through out the world. She does however take into account that the customs and translation of his works could produce slight differences in their interpretations. The argument rem ... aps she would find the true interpretation. On her trip to Africa the author finds out that custom, translations, and culture play a larger role in the interpretation of Shakespeare and that his meani ...

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Biology study notes - Proteins, RNA, and Mutations.

teins, a process called gene _expression. Gene _expression occurs in two stages - transcription and translation. In transcription, the information in DNA is transferred to mRNA. In translation, the in ... red the first codon by making artificial mRNA that contained only the base uracil.The equipment for translation is located in the cytoplasm, where a cell keeps its supply of transfer RNA (tRNA). A tRN ...

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How to Deal With Worry.

any times that it is committed to memory. This time, however, I am going to read from two different translations as I will be doing the rest of tonight. First, I will read from the King James Version ... he rest of tonight. First, I will read from the King James Version and then from the Simple English Translation.Matthew 6:25-34 (King James)25. Therefore I say unto you, Take no thought for your life, ...

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Meditation 17.

s are translated by age, some by sickness, some by war, some by justice; but God's hand is in every translation." The translations of age, sickness, war, and justice are all things that can cause deat ... e same such as too people may have cancer yet it is still different because God has a unique death (translation) made out for each and every person.By using many different methods John Donne gets his ...

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Matrices Used In Computer Graphics.

trices that are used are either 3x3 or 4x4 matrices and are computed by either rotation matrices or translation matrices. The matrices that are used are an array that holds numbers, commonly called a ...

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'The history of news since the nineteenth century has been the history of a translation from popular defined as "for the people", to popular as "for the market"'

'The history of news since the nineteenth century has been the history of a translation from popular defined as "for the people", to popular as "for the market"' (Hartley, 1982 ...

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Emerging Technology

d further, could you imagine traveling to a relative's house in another state by walking. Universal translation is a goal of many businesses around the globe; imagine being able to talk to some in ano ... e U.S. Defense Advanced Research Project Agency, U.S.DARPA, persuaded Gao's team to develop one-way translation software for a PDA, which U.S. troops in Afghanis Stan and Iraq use to ask about medical ...

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The Joy Luck Club

he way she is. The two main themes of the story I will be discussing are the challenges of cultural translation and how story telling can help and influence communication and self assertion.The Challe ... ow story telling can help and influence communication and self assertion.The Challenges of Cultural Translation - Throughout The Joy Luck Club, the various narrators meditate on their inability to tra ...

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Communication through a stone

at hieroglyphics could be were all speculation with no way to prove the theories true or false. The translation process was extremely arduous because hieroglyphics were not like other scripts that had ... ave been able to piece together enough information to truly uncover the secrets of hieroglyphs. The translation of the Rosetta stone helped fill in the large gaps of unknown Egyptian history.All origi ...

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George Steiner wrote that the translator is the mailman of human thought and sentiment. Examine some of the difficulties involved in accurately translating works of literature.

Translation according to Newmark (1988: 5) 'is rendering the meaning of a text into another language ... formation and literature, that we otherwise may not have had access to.As a means of communication, translation is used for multilingual notices, for tourists, official documents, textbooks and instru ... ing us to sample their ideas, literature and ideologies, and perhaps even adapting to some of them. Translation has also preserved certain languages, (such as Latin), historical events, and classic wo ...

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Odysseus' Many Mistakes

In Robert Fitzgerald's translation of The Odyssey, Odysseus leads his men through the unthinkable, and successfully gets th ...

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Componet study of the German song Du bist wie eine Blume text, rhythm, meter, and tempo, melody, form, voice, harmony, and dynamics, phrasing and musical articulation.

ngs in a foreign language have a word for word English and an IPA (International Phonetic Alphabet) translation that will help you out. The IPA will help with pronunciation and articulation but the En ... man and I really wanted to pronounce all the words correctly but then I kept looking at the English translation cause I wanted to say it with the correct meaning. After I was confident, I started to s ...

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Texas: A Brief History.

st Texas. These Native Americans used the word "tayshas" for "friends" or "allies." In Spanish, the translation came out as "tejas." Eventually, Tejas became Texas. Since the first Spanish explorer co ...

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"Memoires De La Vie Privee" by Benjamin Franklin

entitled "Memoires De La Vie Privee...," was published in Paris in March of 1791. The first English translation, "The Private Life of the Late Benjamin Franklin, LL.D....Originally Written By Himself, ...

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Boys,boys boys...

over the issues hovering aroundI've been feeling terrible.I'm sitting here with a monstrous head - translation:I've been, chilly, congested, snotty,and my head feels as heavy as a brick.I've been fee ...

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The Little Prince

e Prince) by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry Translated by Benjamin Speakmon, 1995 My Little Prince translation has aroused a great deal of interest on the Web, far more than I ever imagined. There ha ... deal of interest on the Web, far more than I ever imagined. There have been numerous requests for a translation of the remainder. Some of you may not be aware that Saint-Exupéry was fluent in E ...

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