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How did imperialism affect China?

e West, and as a result China was forced to reevaluate her position as the center of the world. The treaty of Nanking ended the first Opium war. As a result to China's distant methods of trade, there ...

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Politics Of Honk Kong and Relations with China.

risis decided to band the substance. This in short caused the Opium War lasting form 1839-1842. The treaty Of Nanking ended the Opium war and granted the British rights to trade in several Asian seapo ...

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The Causes of the Rape of Nanking

the other.The Westerners first imposed themselves upon China to attain trading rights, forming the Treaty Ports . The Treaty of Nanking was the first trade treaty and was implicated by the British. T ...

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Articulating What a Text Reveals About Its Context: "Learning to Read" by Malcolm X

icted country, but they did it with the country’s own weapon. Not only did this occur, but the Treaty of Nanking forced the Chinese to pay the British for the destroyed opium, opened the Chinese ...

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Opium War

ons of the war were the Opium trade, Initial Conflict, British methods, the Chinese methods and the Treaty of Nanking, which ended the war.The opium trade was started in China long ago by the Arabs an ... han, the director of war in Kwangtung, ordered the peasants to disperse and let the troops free.The treaty of Nanking gave rights and privileges to British citizens. It opened five ports for free trad ...

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The First Opium War

nto English and then English documents in Chinese. On August 29th 1842 the Opium War ended with the Treaty of Nanking. The Chinese paid the British a multimillion dollar payment and opened five treaty ...

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midterm review

d they are requested to get on their knees and bow when they see the emperor, to show their respect.Treaty of Nanking was the first unequal treaty. Signed in 1842 to mark the end of the Opium War betw ... : More foreign trade, Reparations and Demobilization (silver and opium), Cession of HongkongUnequal treaty: First "Treaty of Nanking". It is unequal because China did all the giving but didn't receive ...

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