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Shakespeare on the Scene

is understood that Hollywood would try to imitate this masterpiece on screen,and it has done so in two films: Franco Zeffirelli's 1968 'Romeo and Juliet' and BazLuhrmann's 1996 'William Shakespeare's ... st on television. This sets the scene ofthe play by illustrating the violence occurring between the two wealthy families, theMontagues and the Capulets. In Zeffirelli's film of 'Romeo and Juliet,' the ...

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The Farce of Heroism An opinion paper on heroism using examples from "The Gemeral" and "Birth of A Nation".

in war depicted in Birth of a Nation (1915) and The General (1927) are much the same throughout the two films, but the theory of heroism is much different toward the end of the films. The heroism conc ... irical and offered a jab at the concept of heroism in war. There is one main congruency between the two films and that being: Heroism is best suited for what your true beliefs are.Birth of a Nation, w ...

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Peter Jackson's "Heavenly Creatures" compared to a tipical outlaw couple - in particular, Malick's "Badlands"

en reading about Peter Jackson's Heavenly Creatures I could not help but begin comparing the film's two main characters to the typical outlaw couple, in particular, the couple we see in Terence Malick ... see in Terence Malick's Badlands. The more I thought about it, the more I began to realize that the two films can be equated to each other in many respects. At the very least, they both ultimately bel ...

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Star wars generic core explanation.

ts, satellites, space stations, galaxies, ect, we automatically and almost subconsciously group the two films together, seeing them as similar and putting them in a genre, a science fiction genre.So t ... t have certain "elements" which makes it a western. The iconography and horizons of expectation are two main elements that help define the genre of a film. Example the iconography of a western genre w ...

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Wuthering Heights Ghost Scene.

Describe, analyse, evaluate and compare the ghost scenes in the two filmsThe ghost scene in Peter Kosminsky's version of Wuthering Heights is far more advanced than ... rkened by the shadows. This creates a contrast in colour and could also be perceived as showing the two sides of Heathcliff's personality. The dark side is when he is violent and ill tempered, but he ... en purified and is now allowed to join Cathy. This makes a very fitting end to the film because the two main characters are reunited at last.The ghost scene in Lawrence Olivier's version of Wuthering ...

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Romeo and Juliet - Zeffirelli and Luhrmann Film Comparisons

Romeo and Juliet - Zeffirelli and LuhrmannThe two main film interpretations of Shakespeare's "Romeo and Juliet" are Zeffirelli's, made in 1968, an ... Luhrmann's, made in 1997. Although they use the same original script written by Shakespeare, these two films are very different. Zeffirelli's is set in the 16th century, at the time when the screenpl ... serenity of Juliet looking over her swimming pool is broken by her shocked high-pitched scream. The two fall together into the pool with the same startling affect used at the opening of the balcony sc ...

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A Comparison between two film's portraying aboriginal racism-Rabbit Proof Fence and Yolungu Boy

m is still seen in the Australian lifestyle but it is not near as strong as it was many years back. Two films 'Yolungu Boy" and 'Rabbit Proof Fence' both portray aboriginal racism and unfairness to ab ... different time periods. One in 1930 and one in present day, the 21st century. A comparison of these two films would be made focusing on themes, major characters and symbols.The genres in both films ar ...

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Brave Heart VS. The Patriot

art and The Patriot. These include features such as camera work, settings, costumes and sets. These two films depict war and how it is viewed, where it takes place, how the people dress, and the sets ... ings are different as one takes place in open fields and the other in mountainous areas. These were two epic films that were enjoyable and informative to watch.

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Analysis of Run Lola Run and Mission Impossible 2 in terms of the theorist Propp

How do films tell stories? Refer in detail to two films of your choice, which employ different narrative strategies and discuss some of the main t ... t and the story again ends in dis-equilibrium. The third story also begins the same as the previous two however in this story Lola obtains the money, as does Manni. On her return to him Lola them acts ... nsion as it allows the audience to side with one character due to their knowledge.In conclusion the two films have a different narrative structure, using linear and non linear narratives and they also ...

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To what extent do film genres change over time? Compare Two examples from different decades, of any media genre of your choice.

e in 1939 and his later film "The Searchers" which was made in 1956, and the aim is to show how the two texts differ and how "The Searchers" is more developed than "Stagecoach." There is a major diffe ... eveloped than "Stagecoach." There is a major difference in themes and character roles between these two films; this could be due to the different issues in society at the time each film was made.John ...

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Comparison between Charlie Chaplin's "The Kid" and Rowan Atkinson's "Mr. Bean - The Ultimate Disaster Movie"

A04B (Interactive Art)Lecturer: LydiaSubject: Art HistoryThe most apparent similarity between these two films is that both films revolve around the daily lives of the main characters.The main characte ... escend into the back of the truck, then dispatching the official who had taken the child away.These two characters are also similar in their disregard for established values and the possible consequen ...

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General Media Studies : representations of women

game "Tombraider", this was published by Eidos and disigned by "Core Design". It was when made into two films, "Lara Croft Tombraider" and "Tombraider The Cradle Of Life". The title is pretty self exp ...

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How were the two Othello films different, which was more effective in portraying characters and themes?

The two film depictions of Shakespeare's play Othello present us with another dimension of the text. Of ... tain themes and events in the text coinciding with their beliefs and understandings of the play.The two films were dissimilar in many ways, firstly, the Parker version was in colour, making the text e ... eptions which viewers who have not read the book may see as realities in Shakespeare's original.The two films, the old and the new are interpretations of Shakespeare's original play, Othello. They pre ...

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Cry Freedom and Mapantsula: The True Spirit of Anti-Apartheid Films

tsula and Cry Freedom are about liberation and political freedom for black South Africans. They are two films spawned from the same genre: the Anti-Apartheid film. Although the two movies share many o ... erve many of the same purposes, they have numerous noteable differences. The political goals of the two movies, however, are much more static in purpose.To understand the political impact of movies su ...

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Comparing two film versions of Romeo and Juliet

For my media coursework I am going to compare the first 8-9 minutes of two versions of 'Romeo and Juliet'. The first is by Franco Zeffirelli filmed in 1968 and the second ... l be looking at the visual images, the sound effects, and the style of the movie. One difference of two films is that the Zeffirelli starts with a walled city over which the sun rises. It then moves t ... 4. The characters wear medieval costumes and they carry props like swords and the servants from the two families wore the same style of clothes but in different colours. One could easily recognize the ...

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Discussion of final Act of Macbeth as presented by Roman Polanski and Trevor Nunn.

me portrayal and the use of lighting and special effects.The setting, costume and background of the two films are very different. Nunn's production of Macbeth has minimal settings, costumes and backgr ...

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Is Hamlet a Tragedy?

y true about Hamlet. Artistic? Without a doubt. And if there were no action in Hamlet, I doubt that two films would have been made about the Shakespearean tragedy.The first element of Aristotle's defi ...

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Compare and Contrast the movies "Grease" and "The Outsiders".

Although I thought they were two very different movies. To my surprise, 'Grease' and 'The Outsiders' do have some very similar ch ... d lighting had almost no similarities. However; camerawork is very similar at various points of the two films.'Grease' and 'The Outsiders' are very similar in numerous ways: Both movies involve gangs, ... gangs have a car race at "Thunder Road".There are almost no similarities between the plots of these two movies. 'Grease' is based around a love story of two teenagers trying to find a place to fit in. ...

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Friendship is a lifelong experience which is all-important

ship, however, is defined by the individuals involved and their circumstances. In an examination of two set texts and two texts of your own choosing, consider this statement.Friendship's definition is ... depend upon what can be offered by each individual. This statement will be explored in four texts; two films called Stand By Me directed by Rob Reiner and Men In Black directed by Barry Sonnenfield, ...

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'Genres tend to develop as audiences become bored with formulaic films.' Do you agree? Use specific examples in your answer.

re.Genre is not static it changes over time and is a dynamic paradigm; this can be seen by studying two films from the horror genre; Frankenstein (1931, US, dir. James Whale) and Halloween (1978, US, ... the film has progressed since the time that Frankenstein was made. The opening sequence consists of two shots one of which is about four minutes long; this is possible because the cameras had been mad ...

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