Brave Heart VS. The Patriot

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There are several similarities and differences in the movies Brave Heart and The Patriot. These include features such as camera work, settings, costumes and sets. These two films depict war and how it is viewed, where it takes place, how the people dress, and the sets that each movie uses.

The art of camera work has a big effect in both moves. In the movie Brave Heart there is both a third person view and a second view just as there is in The Patriot. The third person's view is in this case is when some one is looking at the battle from far away. An example of a third persons view in the movie The Patriot was when Martin and his son were looking down at the battle from the window. A second person's view is in the battle that shows one or a few people fighting in the war.

This is shown in Brave Heart when a battle is happening. Each movie uses camera effects to make these films exciting to watch.

The place each movie takes in is different and similar in many ways. In the movie The Patriot the setting takes place during the revolutionary war where the Americans and the English are fighting. This is in a totally different time period than Brave Heart. Brave Heart also has the English fighting. Along with the English the Scottish are fighting. In both movies the English were the bad ones. Both movies had great big open areas to fight in which make it a perfect place to fight. Between both movies settings there are a lot of similarities and differences.

Costumes are another very important subject to both movies. In Brave Heart the costumes were dresses (that the Scottish wore), armor, and other war related items...