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Okonkwo raised his machete in pure hatred and malice with

defeat. Okonkwo had never felt more like a woman than he did at this moment. The entire village of Umofia and the white men stood in a combination of fear and confusion as he parted through the crowd ... gaining it through knowledge and wisdom. While Okonkwo was in exile, he longed to return to Umofia, to show off his worth again. It seemed he thought time would stand still and wait for his re ...

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Things Fall Apart

of the characters may be the same ordifferent than you. In Things FallApart I learned about the Ibo/Umofia culture, human nature, and myself.Iboculture is different than many of the cultures I have be ... People are going to act different in any society orculture no matter what. It is nodifferent in the Umofia tribe than any other situation. Many of the people in the story act as theywant to and not fo ...

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