Things Fall Apart

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ThingsI learned when reading Things Fall Apart Books teach you alot about many things in life. They teach you about yourself and everything around you. In Things Fall Apart you learn about different culturesand different types of people. If youlook closely you can even find some things about yourself in the book. Some of the characters may be the same ordifferent than you. In Things FallApart I learned about the Ibo/Umofia culture, human nature, and myself.

Iboculture is different than many of the cultures I have been exposed to in mylife. The Ibo culture is far from theAfrican stereotype of cultures. TheIbos have a highly developed economic system, a complex social organization,and a rich oral tradition. Cowry shellsfunction as the currency in this system because they are far enough from theseacoast that the shells are rare. Theprimary crop that the culture is based around is the yam. The social organization of the Ibo cultureis complex as well.

Many factors play arole in an individuals status. Thenumber of wives and children he can support demonstrates his wealth. A mans physical attributes and wartechniques also play a role in his status. A mans age is one other factor in his status; older men are looked upto.

People are going to act different in any society orculture no matter what. It is nodifferent in the Umofia tribe than any other situation. Many of the people in the story act as theywant to and not for anyone else. Okonkwo for example never wants to be looked at as a weak person. No matter what he has to do to be looked atas strong he will do it. Even if theact is against the Ibo culture. Obierkaalso acts as he wishes. Obierka doesntwant to have anything to do with killing Ikemafuna. Even when the oracle...