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Labor Unions

together, and most unions in America are some branchof the largest labor union organization in the United States, the AFL-CIO.The unions of the workers at a certain business or factory might gettoget ... theCongress of Industrial Organizations (CIO). This organization wasformed by John T. Lewis of the United Mine Workers in 1938. In the late1930's and early 1940's, both the AFL and the CIO made huge ...

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The Great Depression: what brought it about and how it affected the public.

nion by the thousands. The miners believed that Roosevelt was trying to get them recognition of the United Mine Workers of America. The coal industry was dangerous work and was getting worse with the ... nd was getting worse with the great depression in 1929. Unemployment rose while wages were cut. The United Mine Workers (MNW) lost 300,000 patrons in seven years. Workers organized themselves to get i ...

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The Labor Movement in the 1920's

this time period, which is very obvious by the increase of labor strikes.There was a strike by the United States Steel Corporation workers in 1919. They were annoyed with their seven 12 hour workdays ... ible working conditions, which eventually caused steel companies to reduce to an eight-hour day.The United Mine Workers went on strike in hope of receiving better wages and a shorter workday. Attorney ...

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Highlights of the Labor Movement

ecame more tolerant of union activities. The leadership of John L. Lewis and other officials of the United Mine Workers (UMW) prompted more industrial organizing. In 1935 Lewis and "Big Bill" Hutchens ...

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American History

ho are on strike Mother Jones: one of the most prominent woman's labor members and later joined the United Mine Workers (UMW) union.Knights of Labor: open to all races, genders, and people of any degr ...

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John L Lewis

ved back to Lucas County and there he became a coal miner. In 1901, he was elected secretary of the United MineWorkers of America. As holding this job, he set up many small events. That same year he l ...

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The Price of Progress - Brave New World

ld has changed immensely. In place of a world war, stands a worldwide peace organization called the United Nations. Rather than garbage being disposed of carelessly, there is recycling and composting ...

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