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"Hybrid vs. Conventional Vehicles" It goes over the pros and cons of both conventional and Hybrid vehicles, as well as their effect on the economy.

, automobiles actually started out as electric powered. Because of the inefficiency of the electric vehicle technology of that time gasoline powered vehicles became more widely used. At the beginning, ... ays, automobiles are the main source of transportation worldwide. There are the internal combustion vehicles (gasoline powered cars), and fast growing sales and demand of hybrid electric vehicles (HEV ...

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Death of a Planet

05-autos.htm. 1994. 1-5.The Environmental Protection Agency. Remote Sensing: A Supplemental Tool forVehicle Emission Control: Factsheet OMS-15. www/15-remot.htm. 1993. 1-2.

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California Emissions Regulations

Since the start of the late 1960's air quality and air quality management regarding vehicle emissions began its course of relevance to lawmakers and society. With the efforts of the Ca ... developed United States Environmental Protection Agency, California is known to hold the strictest vehicle emissions codes and regulations throughout the country. As the first state to issue emission ... ulations throughout the country. As the first state to issue emissions standards in 1966 model year vehicles forward, California holds itself as the toughest and most regulated vehicle emissions state ...

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