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Human Nervous System.

lled menings. The cerebrospinal fluid cushions the brain and spinal column. The brain contains four ventricles filled with the fluid; the central canal is filled around spinal column.The brain has thr ...

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Abnormalities in the cardiac cycle.

ventricular arrythythmias and supraventricular arrythythmias. I.e., arrythythmias that occur in the ventricles and arrythythmias that occur above them. Subdivision is possible, with arrhythmias furthe ... he "cardiac cycle". The top chambers of the heart are called the atria and the bottom chambers, the ventricles. A normal heart beat begins when the Sino-Atrial Node, located on the posterior wall of t ...

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Practical report on the disection of a sheep heart.

nd the ventricle. When ever the atriums contract it is called the systolic phase. And when ever the ventricles contract, it is called the diastolic phase. These sequences ensure the blood flow through ... the muscle were detected. One of these was that the left ventricle wall was thicker then the right ventricles. This is because it uses this extra muscle to propel the blood through the aorta to the r ...

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how it works.The human heart is in actuality a four-chambered pump for the circulatory system. The ventricles perform the main pumping function of the heart. The atria are blood storehouses while the ... th of these phases. A specific pattern of electrical activation in the musculature of the atria and ventricles causes the contraction of these structures. The electrical activation patterns are initia ...

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Non Infectous Diseases

the heart 4. Fibrillation "" the rapid ineffective beating of the heart in one of two chambers call ventricles 5. Congestive heart failure "" a slow gradual weakening of the heart muscle from overwork ...

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Bio 207 "animal physiology"

diastole is when the heart is in relaxation-Cardiac output: is how many blood is coming out of the ventricles in one minute-Stroke volume: is how many blood is coming out of the ventricles in one bea ...

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Biological Psychology

r the mind, were the Greeks. Galen was the first to propose a theory of brain function based on the ventricles although he believed that the "heart was the crucial organ," which housed the vital spiri ...

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The Heart And It's Function: Presentation

eart valves are the mitral valve and the tricuspid valve. They let blood flow from the atria to the ventricles. The other two are called the aortic valve and pulmonary valve, and they're in charge of ...

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