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Communication-Refraction in relation to the human eye

parent biconvex protein disc behind the pupil. Focuseslight rays on to the retina.Aqueous humor and Vitreous humor- aqueous humor is viscoseliquid that fills the front chamber of the eye. Vitreous hum ... .b) Identify the parts of the eye which act as refractive media.The cornea, aqueous humor, lens and vitreous humor are refractive media. They bendlight as it enters the eye.c) Identify the conditions ...

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A Comparison Between a Human's and Cow's Eye

tina) 'sees' images up side down, and that our brain converts the image the right way around for us.Vitreous HumourThe vitreous humour was jelly-like, and clear. It filled up most of the interior eyba ... p most of the interior eyball, and didn't squirt out when I stabbed the eyeball with the knife. The vitreous humour looks like mucus, but isn't sticky. This humour helps to fill and give the eyeball i ...

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