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One Sick Christmas

r usual Santa Clause. He had no rosy cheeks orround belly, he didn't have the hearty laugh nor real white hair. His ribs poked out of hisskin and his stomach looked like an empty cave. His eyes were p ... about five yrs. old. Joe thought he was disgusting. The child waswearing cuarteroy overalls with a white turtleneck underneath. The cuarteroys had crustystains of peanut butter all down the front of ...

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Parents are hypocritical

ne knows the story of Father Christmas. If you don't, it's like this, some fat, jolly, old man with white hair, a long beard, rosy cheeks, a red suit and black shiny boots watches and checks up on you ... e cabbage patch. I remember seeing many cartoons when I was young where a stalk carries a baby in a white sheet, in it's beak, and drops it down the chimney. If only these stories were true, then wome ...

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John the savage character speech (brave new world)

ticipate in any activities, disreputably embarrassing me by pulling me out and saying " not for you white hair" "not for the son of a she dog"I grew up absorbing 3 cultures: the utopia that mother had ...

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w a homeless person. I always perceived a homeless person to be only men in dirty clothes with long white hair and beards asking for food and money. Nowadays, homeless individuals can either be men, w ...

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This is a gothic legend about witches

s the von Vaughans remembered. Mme Darach always wore black clothes and pointy black shoes. She had white hair that looked like dried straw, a tall crooked nose, and a few missing teeth. She was very ...

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The Magician

ding by himself, was Jason............ "Who said that said the man" his huge hands flaring and long white hair flying like it was caught in the wind "Who is going to eat the magic carrot with powers t ... would lose his chance. As he started the bright light un-engulfed him and became a shrinking bright white light that finished as the man's flowing white hairWhen he had returned the bell had rung and ...

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I Will Follow You Into The Dark

into the DarkBy: Danielle DeFreitasThe moving truck was the first thing I remember seeing. A large, white rectangle attached to a blue cab. Men wearing matching blue uniforms were unloading cardboard ... round the house, a mom, a dad, a little boy and an older girl. I would have sworn the girl was Snow White because of her fair skin, but her head was hidden behind a curtain of naturally white hair. It ...

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Analysis of a short story "To Hell with Dying" by Walker

good and plays with them. The youngest child loves everything about him, the wrinkles, brown skin, white hair, and even if he drinks all the time. She loves how he calls her princess because it makes ...

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ead with mercury could find drowned corpses. The two are from "civilization" and more generally the white upper class world. Of course, Jim's background is much deeper than Huck's. As an African Ameri ... ince its obvious that the Duke has completely confused up the lines. The idea of the King, with his white hair and whiskers, playing fair Juliet also makes a mockery of the plays. In my opinion Boggs ...

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Yosano akiko

er son for wanting to go. I think the mother is really worried because in line 32, it tells how her white hair increases. That's either a sign of aging or worrying too much about her son dying. ...

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Killer Angels

iding the gray horse across the open ground in front of the trees. He had taken his hat off and the white hair and the unmistakable white head were visible from a long way off… and the retreati ... Lee is excellent, ------------------------------------------------------ Page 2 recalling his wavy white hair, which many men had heard about. A gentleman's stature riding the horse through the battl ...

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had a weird connection. He never had to say he loved me because I knew he did.He always wore an old white T-shirt with his white hair always parted to the side. I always wanted to tell him to find a n ...

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The Day My Life Changed

dpa looked up from the television he was watching, from his cozy comer chair.He had a head of snowy white hair gleaming in the room. Over his broad body, hung a navy blue dress shirt and a fuzzy cardi ... allowing his small potbelly to hang over it. His face showed the years of worry and stress, and his white bushy eyebrows and growing second chin showed his old age. His smile greeted me. As I drew clo ...

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Role Model

wo World Wars, the Sixties and two decades beyond without ever aging in any meaningful way. She had white hair and wrinkles, of course, but still had the good health, stamina and outgoing personality ...

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The Tiger on the mountain

the kind of guy that inspired fear and demanded respect. One look at his muscular body and his snow-white hair made me feel like an ant on a picnic blanket. He was apparently in his 60's but he could ... h newly melted snow.As I trotted down the neatly packed trail of snow, the sun glowing off bleached white snow and melted the lingering chill of the day's swim. As the sweat ran down my forehead, I ca ...

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My Dog

ell-filled, carrying well down between the legs. His tail was bushy and long. He had a coat of lush white hair and I just loved to pat him.At a walk he covered a great deal of ground, with long str ...

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A Stranger to the World

from the freezing morning were struggling with the zip. The coat blew open, and revealed a stained white shirt. Finally, he got the zip done up, and hobbled to the steps that led down to the street a ... e street a few meters below.Still the rain fell, and without an umbrella, the last lengths of snowy white hair, plastered to his bony forehead exaggerated the other prominent features of his ancient f ...

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(enzymes in your hair that keep it the color it is) unlike meat that kills and weakens them causing white hair.Think of the fierce energy concentrated in an acorn! You bury it in the ground, and it ex ...

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A Mentor - An creative writing essay outlining a high school chemistry teacher and how he played a very important role in a students life.

Chemistry and Physics teacher, Mr. Robert Hage.I admired my Chemistry teacher not for his thinning white hair, or for that matter any of his looks, other than his always cheerful smile. I instead loo ... serious of 'mystifying' experiments such as lighting Magnesium on fire, which burns with a flame so white it will leave you seeing spots, and placing pure Sodium in a beaker of water, which will combu ...

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Death, Water, and T.S. Eliot

human body. But, in "The Hippopotamus" Eliot praises death as the hippo's way of "be[ing] washed as white as snow," but criticizes the death of the church by being abandoned on Earth. These poems were ... wo stanzas is where the significance exists:I have seen them riding seaward on the wavesCombing the white hair of the waves blown backWhen the wind blows the water white and black.We have lingered in ...

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