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The mystery of the von Vaughans

The von Vaughans had lived in a huge castle at the border of England for more than 100 years ever since Maxim von Vaughan moved to England. His portrait, along every one else's, hung on the walls of the dark corridor. Maxim von Vaughan is quite a grim-looking fellow, gray hair, stony gaze, and an absolutely straight face.

The huge castle they live in, Hexenbourg castle, doesn't look any better. Some of the walls are missing a few bricks, and the castle tower looked as if it would collapse anytime. The wind howled through the broken windows of the tower at night, sounding as if someone was screaming. It sends shivers down the backs of travellers who happen to pass by.

A few miles away from the huge castle was a small cottage made of straw and bricks. The old lady, known as Mme Darach, had been living there for as long as the von Vaughans remembered.

Mme Darach always wore black clothes and pointy black shoes. She had white hair that looked like dried straw, a tall crooked nose, and a few missing teeth. She was very short and boney, with long boney fingers. Wherever she went, her black cat always followed. Her cat had extremely green eyes, so green that it seemed yellow and glowed brightly in the dark. Whenever someone passed by the cat, the cat's gaze followed him or her as if it was trying to stare through their souls. No one liked to go near the cottage. There were rumors about how travelers were never seen again if they stepped into Mme Darach's cottage.

The von Vaughans were never that nice and kind, but they always kept out of trouble, until the day Royal von Vaughan was born.