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Biography on Kaiser Wilhelm II

Kaiser Wilhelm II is related to Queen Victoria, Frederick the Great, Catherine the great, Czar Nicholas II, ... ine the great, Czar Nicholas II, Emperor Wilhelm I, and is often compared to Adolf Hitler.Friedrich Wilhelm Viktor Albert was born on January 27th, 1857 in Potsdam Germany. He was the oldest son of Fr ... rages and mood swings. Some historians said that even his best friend, Philipp Eulenburg, said that Wilhelm's nerves were strained.Wilhelm was a well educated man first he attended Kassel Gymnasium an ...

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The role of Bethmann-Holloweg in the July Crisis

role of Bethmann-Holloweg in the July Crisis. One of them, the sympathetic viewpoint, describes the German Imperial Chancellor as a victim of circumstance, rather weak, but totally guilt-free. The mor ... He also claims that Holloweg had far-reaching war aims, which followed closely the ideas of leading German industrialists and the Pan German League. These ideas were stated in an influential memorandu ...

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Germany 2

ted a state within the state, hostile to the Kaiser's regime and dedicated to its overthrow. Kaiser Wilhelm II had absolute power over the army. He alone presided over the nation's foreign affairs. It ...

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“The Political Establishment in Germany succeeded in maintaining the political status quo through a policy of moderate reform” How far do you agree with this statement?

managed to maintain the political status quo through the constitution that gave the monarch (Kaiser Wilhelm) absolute power among his people, who also wields unrestricted political power. This near-ab ... he Kaiser. This amount of power was clearly demonstrated during the Daily Telegraph affair of 1908. Wilhelm was able to make foreign policy without consultation, despite criticism from the Reichstag t ...

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