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, many technological accomplishments, such as thelanding on the moon, would have been difficult.The word 'calculus' originated from the Latin word meaning pebble. This is probablybecause people many y ...

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Chlorine Debate, How White Do You Want it?

chemistSir Humphrey Davy determined that chlorine was a chemical element and named itfrom the Greek word meaning greenish-yellow. One hundred and eighty-fiveyears later, chlorine compounds are ubiquit ...

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High Hopes by Stanley Renshon

en situation and performs all tasks bestowed upon him.'The term character is derived from the Greek word meaning 'engraving'' (38). It can be defined as a trait or distinctive combination of traits. B ... e 'psychologically grounded perspective' (41). He believes that ideals are an important part of the word integrity's definition. He states that they are the framework for interpersonal and personal et ...

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Oligopoly: Description of and application of. Very precise

OligopolyOligopoly comes from the Greek word meaning few sellers.Big business is an example of oligopoly. It is a market dominated by few se ...

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l." George Orwell described in "Politics and the English Language" that patriotism is a meaningless word. Meaning that there is no agreed upon definition. As you can see over time what we deem as patr ...

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The sadducees and the pharisees.

o the Sadducees themselves. Two main hypotheses predominate regarding the origin and meaning of the word Sadducee. The first suggests they derived their name from a Hebrew word meaning "just" or "righ ...

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Choice of blindness in "Oedipus the King".

scholars joke in the fact that another meaning for the name Oedipus, Oidas, sounded like the Greek word meaning "I know". Oedipus was "blind" in the sense that throughout the play, he was the one per ...

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Everything you'll need to know about epilepsy.

Epilepsy Research PaperThe word "epilepsy" is derived from the Greek word meaning a condition of being overcome, seized or atta ...

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Biology notes on viruses.

nt could reproduce only inside the living cells it infected. They called the agent a virus, a Latin word meaning "poison."The true nature of viruses was discovered in 1933 when the biologist Wendell S ...

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" The act of mercifully ending the life of hopelessly suffering patient. It is taken form the Greek word meaning, "easy or good death."Dr. Kevorkian is one of the doctors that practice euthanasia. He ...

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Euthanasia a view of both sides.

jured individuals in a relatively painless way, for reasons of mercy. The term comes from the Greek word meaning "good death."There are many different types of pain an ill patient can experience. It i ...

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This esssay is about living life to the fulles or a life philosophy

Then you ask yourself the biggest question of all. What is the meaning of life? The concept of the word "meaning" is to have a purpose or to have a certain importance. The word life, in brief, is whe ... living organisms from dead organisms in functions such as metabolism, growth, and reproduction. The word "fullest" means completing something to the highest degree possible.Think for a second, if ever ...

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Mars - Past, present, future

planet is approximately 1.52 Astronomical Unites (AU) from the sun, or 227,940,000 km. The original word Mars came from the Greek word, meaning the God of war. The planet?s name most likely originated ...

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MISSISSIPPI "Magnolia state" Dec. 10, 1817

8-1802, 1817-1821), Washington (1802-1817), and Columbia (1821-1822).Origin of Name: From an Indian word meaning "Father of Waters"Major Industries: Agriculture, Fisheries, ManufacturingAgriculture: b ...

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Disciples in the New Testament, are any followers of Jesus' teaching. The word meaning "pupil" or "follower." Discipleship is common among the ancient Jews, a style of teachi ... xpression the innermost teaching of the Old Testament is summed up, but it should be noted that the word kingdom means ruling as well; thus it signifies not so much the actual kingdom as the sway of t ...

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A comparative study of the concept of dystopia in Brian Aldiss' short story "Super Toys Last All Summer Long" and its cinematographic adaptation, Artificial Intelligence.

s in this particular story, and a general overview of the human/machine relationships.Dystopia is a word meaning: "1: an imaginary place where people lead dehumanized and often fearful lives 2: ANTI-U ... e core of the story are true to conservative dystopias; however, they did not move from the written word to the big screen without permutation. The first enormous difference is that in Artificial Inte ...

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Huntington's Disease with works cited

iginally discovered HD in 1872. HD was originally known as Huntington's chorea, coming from a Greek word meaning to dance, which describes some symptoms of HD.There are three main symptom areas; those ...

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Historical Melanesia

he shores of Wageo island, which he promptly named Papuwah (later to become Papua) which is a Malay word meaning "fuzzy" or "frizzled Hair."Nueva Guinea was the nickname given the island by Inigo Orti ... flatlands in the Western Province are without mountainous countryside. It is said that there is no word for mountain in the language of the local people. However, apart from this one flatlands region ...

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and frail making them more susceptible to brakeage (AAOS, 2000). Osteoporosis comes from the Latin word meaning "porous bones" (FDA, 2001). "Bones consist of a matrix of fibres of the tough protein c ...

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heir paintings were so shocking that one newspaper critic called them the work of "Fauves" a French word meaning "wild beasts." The name stuck so that all the artists who exhibited in that 1905 show w ...

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