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MDMA: Looking Past the Fear. Argues for the legal use of MDMA in a therapeutic setting. History of drug included.

all, but a substance. It is known by many names: Adam, Eve, White Dove, the Love Drug, Beans, X, E, XTC, and Ecstasy, to name a few. The scientific name for the substance that this woman praised is Me ...

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Ecstasy has had many immediate effect, long term effect, symptoms, and different names.

e named according to the time, place, and manufacturer. The names used for ecstasy are wonder drug, XTC, and Adam. The most common place to use this drug is at "rave" parties. These "rave" parties are ...

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Urine-Luck! America answer to its growing drug problem

(depending on individual metabolism). (Nadelmann) Although smoking 'weed' is a far reach from the 'XTC' and heroine user, the habitual marijuana smoker has more of a chance in losing his/her job than ...

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The pharmacology and toxicology effects of ecstasy

stasy but most drug dealers and ecstasy users have many other names for it such as adam, love drug, XTC and Calvin Klein. The drug is often classified as an entacotgen which is basically an agent that ...

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d back on June 15th, 1991, at a warehouse off the shores of New York. The rave was called Return To XTC.It was a huge party that lasted all night. Since then raves have sprung up all over the nation. ...

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Ecstasy (MDMA), is also known as e, x, xtc, or beans on the street. The pills range in colour, shape, and stamped logo. The pill is usually ...

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About A boy

Business Name & Logo: C-XTCExecutive Summary:The plan for C-XTC is to open up a club that no other club has done, there is a ... ne, there is a new area up for sale on King Street city of Sydney which I desire to open my club. C-XTC will be a new club opening in the city with many competitors, but C-XTC will try and eliminate t ... inate the local clubs around them by producing high quality and immaculate service for consumers. C-XTC will be operating a club and fine dining restaurant with exquisite Vietnamese food. C-XTC will b ...

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