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  • Okay

    I agree with a lot of things in this essay, and as Black person I know that Blacks are also racists. But as far as the NAAWP and all-white school groups, they are unnecessary and seen as offensive in many minorites eyes because America belongs to White people, plain and simple. They don't need to be advanced.
    • 15/07/2005
    • 11:13:10
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  • Very good

    good language use, ideas ran smoothly and not many errors. It was long enough to be effective but not boring
    • 30/09/2004
    • 08:14:00
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  • I Disagree

    I disagree with almost everything he said but he made a good argument. I'd give it an A+
    • 04/02/2004
    • 14:21:43
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