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In F. Scott Fitzgerald's The Great Gatsby, many of the characters were careless and superficial. They would only care for themselves and not worry about how the things that they do would affect others. Throughout the novel, Daisy, Tom, and Jordan proved this idea. The major theme of The Great Gatsby is that immoral people take no responsibility for there actions, and don't worry about how they affect other people. This is proved by Nick and Jordan's conversation about cars, the motif of cars, Myrtle's puppy, and Tom and Daisy.

When Nick was in the car with Jordan, she was driving so recklessly she side-swiped the button of a man's coat. Nick brought this to her attention when he said "You're a rotten driver." Jordan made the absurd remark of saying she was careful, which was clearly not true. When Nick said "Suppose you meet someone as careless as yourself?", she made it known that she hates careless people, and hope she never meets one.

This was very contradictory because she is not careful, and just wants everyone else to be because she can't have the burden of taking responsibility for her actions. Jordan is the most shallow cahracter in the book, and according to Nick "incurably dishonest".

Throughout the novel, cars represnt damage. There was the accident at Gatsby's party where Owl Eyes was in the car that crashed. He said "I know nothing whatsoever about mechanics.", which showed he wanted nothing to do with the crash. He wanted people to know he was in no way, shape or form involved. That shows irresponsibility. There was also Jordan's driving, and Myrtle's death. Gatsby's car was called a "death car", and even though Daisy was driving Gatsby took the blame. The person who should've owned up...