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  • :)

    I think this is a very good paper. You have obviously done extensive research on the subject. From all that I've read and all that I know about the plant, your paper is very acurate. Although, some of it got cut off. ?... i was looking forward to reading more.. oh well.
    • 16/01/2004
    • 13:09:07
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  • ???

    I think much of what is written here is stereotypical and not necesaraly correct. Just because you make illegal drugs legal, dosent mean kids aren't still going to get there hands on them. Ex: cigarettes and alcohol. Statistics show that alcohol is the most widly abused substance in the US between the ages of 15-25. alcohol is legal. think about it.
    • 16/01/2004
    • 12:55:45
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  • Liked the essey

    I liked your essey, but i didnt understand your stance on the subject. Is it just a definition on what an american is?
    • 16/01/2004
    • 12:41:21
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