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  • This essay in unresearched for the opposing side

    wow first of all there is an estimated 2 billion dollar cost current as a result of changing foaming plastics, spray cans, refrigeratn coolers and air conditioners from harmful FCFs to more enviromentally safe HCF dont go off about how this country hasnt done enough to help wiht ozone depletion but there is a an estimated several million tons of FCF in the stratosphere. the FCF's are unreactive in the lower atmosphere but they difuse to the stratusphere where they are broken down by the high radiation and then the chlorine molecules react wiht the O3 which is the Ozone. Unfortunately the Cl acts as a catalyst during this reaction so the long term effects has to run thier course now even though there were actions taken back in the 80's originaly.
    • 15/02/2004
    • 15:17:55
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  • You might want to rewrite this

    you miss alot of really important points in this essay and in the way you read the book. this book is masterfully written u didnt even seen to catch the simplist things such as holden claims to hate phonies but idolized Gatsby, maybe you havent read The Great Gatsby but Gatsby is the biggest phonie of all time. i know this is a short essay but it seams to have no organization you skip around and didnt even break it up into paragraphs.
    • 15/02/2004
    • 14:30:20
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  • This is not a lab report

    this isnt really a lab report at all for a college level bio course. in calling it a lab report shouldnt it consists of and intro, methods, resutls, and discussion at the very least. i know for all of my bio classes we are required to do one final lab, for these labs we have to first turn in a protocol then the final paper. what you have summited sounds like what you would read out of your lab book to do the experiment. at bes this is simply a protocol, the into and methods.
    • 15/02/2004
    • 14:05:11
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