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Ozone talks fail over U.S. stance




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This article in my view is very enlightening as to the complacent discontent that the United States portrays concerning environmental issues. We all know the stance the U.S. takes on Global Warming. Now we know how the U.S. feels in some way about harming the ozone. As long as it does not have an effect on the pockets of big business it's alright to implement guidelines to help the ozone, but once it does we see that the United States tries to pull back. There are numerous countries that bear large economical burdens to sustain their environment. Germany has substantial taxes on gas to lower emissions of CO2 into the atmosphere. Costa Rica has spent a lot of their gross revenues to rebuild their forest and give back to the environment. If the United States fails to aid progress than all the attempts others make fall short.

The U.S. leads the world in many negative aspects like global warming and firearm deaths. We as the United States need to be a front-runner in the protection of our environment. We need to extend as much thought to our environment as we do to our security. I agree with the ozone experts from the EU that oppose U.S. requests to use a higher percentage of chemicals that harm the ozone. The article is very informative not only about U.S. intent, but alternatives to harmful chemicals. It surprises me that the U.S. wants to up the use of methyl bromide in 2005 when the chemical is supposed to be phased out by then. In my opinion the U.S. basically believes they are exempt from global policies. I always read articles and hear in the news the negative actions of...