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  • Heya

    we can NEVER allow censorship. no matter the cost....we can NEVER allow censorship. and we should not sheild children. we should simply educate them on free thought.Dave
    • 12/04/2004
    • 07:06:35
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  • Well done

    i thought ur essay was absolutely brilliant.
    • 02/03/2004
    • 01:05:55
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  • Why?

    as an assignment you have have argued and defended your views well.can i ask a few questions?*how old are you?*have you faced any alcohol use problems in past? as in personally buying underage et..?* explain something to me:im 16 y/o living in my own unit with my own lease paying every single bill in my own name out of my own paycheck. i rarely speak to my parents. i work f/t labouring my ass off all day making little i might be able to understand the banning of marijuana to underage or perhaps for all ages because of the effects it has on the mind...but if i want a beer when i finish work as a relaxant why the hell shouldn't I? i a responsible citizen of my country(Oz) mainly law abiding...Dave
    • 02/03/2004
    • 00:01:36
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  • WOW!

    im blown away - that was a great essay! :Dno chance youcould do same quality for all of my assignments?speechless :DDave
    • 29/02/2004
    • 10:04:26
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  • Next step...take it further

    okay...great assignment but it lacks something.. - an oomph! it lacks in some ways a uniques standpoint...why does quote "Every person deserves justice?" explain why they deserve justice... think alternatively..not just wud prolly fail doing it my way but you would not be accused of doing anything unoriginal...Sorry if i was harsh.. your assignment has great potential..Dave
    • 29/02/2004
    • 09:43:01
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