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  • More organized intro; pull things together and omitted others to provide a more concise intro

    The Women's Liberation Movement was officially established in Australia in 1970. The members of this particular movement fought for legal, social, and economic equality. It was established due to the postwar rejection of women in the workforce, the lack of power that women had and the way that women were treated by men. The main figures involved in the Women's Liberation Movement were Germaine Greer and Anne Summers. Germaine Greer was the author of The Female Eunuch, which was seen by many as marking the beginning of feminism and liberationism. Anne Summers was an author and a liberationist in the late 1960's. She wrote the book Damned Whores and God's Police, which changed the way many women saw themselves. Women began to realise that they did have the rights that men did. These leading liberationists have inspired other women to come forward and fight for women's rights and equality. The movement of women's liberation attracted various reactions, mainly of shock and disgust by the community and government. However, gradually over time, the harsh reactions to the liberation movement lessened from the community. Currently. women's rights and equality is accepted by a majority of the Australian population. The most predominant outcome of the Women's Liberation Movement was the social and economic advantages provided to the current generation.
    • 02/05/2002
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  • Women men + competition

    This is a good essay to begin research with, however the transitions are poor. ie talking about the womens condom then jumping to prostitution in Europe- If transitions were used this essay would flow better, but as a reference to getting started it suits its purpose
    • 02/05/2002
    • 13:45:09
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  • Animal Farm

    This wasn't structured in an essay type format, it seems like it was just random thoughts thrown together. I had remembered reading it in HighSchool and came across this essay and wanted to refresh it. Benjamin was mentioned but not what/who he was; is the reader suppossed to assume what's going on? Also it should be noted that parts are repetitive and the thoughts seem scattered. The ideas are there, they're just not formed completely. I don't want to write a terrible review/comment because Im sure that my essays can be torn apart, but I have read this book and just looking at it makes me think that its a book about animals that think and plot and rebel; perhaps a parallel with the revolutions of that time era?
    • 02/05/2002
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