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    You said that you agreed with both sides of the controversy, but it seems as though you side with the anti abortionists. That is okay, it is your opinion, but the only thing is that if you are going to agree, just agree. You can't play both ends of the stick. Anyways, good paper, there were some grammatical errors (thou and though). I also would have stated actual numerical facts about the number of babies that are abandoned into dustbins, like you said.Abortion can be justified by a women right to choose, but it should be banned because it is immoral and life begins at conception."Abortion on the other hand should not be legal for everyone. It is should be except as a rare case such as rape victims, and health issues." Be strong in your beliefs, if you really think it is immoral than go with your opinion, you can't play civil on both sides of an issue.
    • 01/06/2004
    • 14:32:31
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