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  • Nice Ideas, but fell a little short

    The points you raised of friendship were very good. However, you neglect to see that Steinbeck's "Of Mice and Men" did not have any symbolic references to friendship. The main theme from "Of Mice and Men" was a journey to America's darker side with the frequent refrences to "whorehouses". You also failed to see that Steinbeck meant for "Of Mice and Men" to represent a failure of the so called "American Dream". Don't forget the symbolism of the heron in the end! Overall, very good essay, but not deep enough.
    • 23/04/2004
    • 15:14:11
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  • Excellent Essay

    Don't forget Voltaire!!! Francois Marie Arouet Voltaire was the French philosopher who supported the idea of freedom of religion and press. Also don't forget Thomas Paine. Impediments to democracy should also be mentioned. Example is Machievelli's "The Prince"
    • 23/04/2004
    • 15:08:35
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