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  • Good Summary

    This is a great start and overview to the origins of the Zionist movement that created Israel. Nice work!
    • 03/05/2005
    • 22:11:47
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  • Quick outline I wrote today in English

    This isn't meant to be perfected, it is meant to be used as a quick outline to chart characters and what they stood for, to use for a potential essay.
    • 03/05/2005
    • 22:07:14
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  • Somewhat Repetitive

    The last three lines are basically the same sentence restated in 3 different ways, broaden that and you will have a good start.
    • 03/05/2005
    • 21:53:48
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  • Broaden your views beyond right vs. left.

    Your essay isn't bad when approaching the dominant two party system in America, but if you would want a more quality essay, go deeper into other parties as well and show how they compare to right and left wing politics. Do they fit to one side, down the middle, you be the judge, but try to encorporate the Libertarian, Green, Independant, etc. Not a bad start though.
    • 03/05/2005
    • 21:45:46
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