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  • Overall, good essay.

    good essay. Covered a range of reasons why breastfeeding is best and didnt just focus on the benefit to the baby. More information could have been included, but the author did do a good job of a brief overview of the facts.
    • 25/04/2004
    • 02:11:27
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  • Good Essay

    This was a good analytical essay. I would recomend anyone to read this essay that needs to write a paper on Hawthorne's "The Scarlet Letter."
    • 19/05/2002
    • 20:02:27
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  • Not Useful

    This essay does not cover many of the observations that one should be seeing happening with the children. It sounds as though the author did not know what she should be looking for.
    • 19/05/2002
    • 19:57:33
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