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    well, I think it was quite a radical kinda approach to explaining the real meaning of Christmas. Not all the people think of christmas in a commercial way even though they spend all that big bucks on buying gifts,"Gifts to be given to someone else to make em feel better and wanted".Giving dosen't sound like a bad idea,does it? After all jesus wanted us to be giving and kind and helpfull,as much as we could.Just a thought.
    • 06/12/2002
    • 01:14:39
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    i am an 8th grader. my teacher geve me a home work to pick out on a country do some research and compile some info on that country and for a thought i was thinking about egypt and here iam looking at on of the best resource and by far the most extensively researched essay's i've come across about egypt.afcourse this is just my view.this essay helped me a lot.
    • 16/10/2002
    • 04:44:18
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    could have named it "pollution crises" rather than "world issues" because world issues are more than just the pollution that was described in detail,overall very good essay.just that the title confused my into looking thru.
    • 16/10/2002
    • 04:24:43
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    i am an 8th grader,this essay has helped me improve my depth in the american history class.i think it was a great essay and has helped me write my own.
    • 10/10/2002
    • 01:03:53
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