Christmas, Retailers, and the Santa Claus Conspiracy. Familiar essay about the holiday season that I'm kind of proud of. Personal essay

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Well it looks like it's that time of year again, when colourful lights are hung on trees, families spend time together, and retailers swim naked through their money. You guessed it, I'm talking about Christmas, one of the many holidays that have lost their meaning to commercialization. Forget the memory of Jesus Christ, now's the time to pay homage to the almighty buck.

Nowadays when someone thinks of Christmas or Easter the idea of Christianity is one of the last to come into their mind (although I don't think it could have been made much easier -- 'Christ'ianity, 'Christ'mas -- what kind of minds are we dealing with?). It's far more likely that their first thoughts will be about buying the perfect gifts, having the most eye-damaging house decorations on the block, or having a hairy old fat man in red underwear arrested for putting their child on his lap and whispering to them to tell him what they 'really' want (strangely enough there are some parents out there who actually pay money each year to have this abuse inflicted upon their children).

The whole idea of Santa Claus is one of the scariest I've come across and yet we embrace it. The entire story sounds like something you should threaten your kid with if he doesn't want to eat his veggies. As I understand it he's supposed to be a fat man wearing red underwear who is capable of sliding down your chimney unharmed in order to quietly slip into your house while you're sleeping. If he really existed I'd be sitting up with a loaded shotgun every Christmas Eve, not dreaming of gifts while this lunatic could be slicing the throats of everyone in my house! And to add to the horror he is said to use...