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  • Effective use of appendices

    This is a very well structured market entry report and the reference list is quite good. I think the idea of putting Porter's five forces in the appendix was a great idea - I did a similar report like this for IB last semester (on a bakery too - a coincidence!) and we struggled with the low word limit. I wish I had seen this essay before.
    • 27/02/2007
    • 17:35:26
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  • Improvements: Why the response lost marks

    I forgot to add the comments given when graded:Profile section:- Should have included more details such as financial ratios and airline metrics.- Size of Qantas- Revenues of QantasExternal Environment- Include more detail pre and post regulation of industry- Not discussed bargaining power of buyers and suppliers (ie. airports) adequately.Macro environment:- Need to discuss economic reasons (reasons for travel demand increase), demographic changes, technological changes, business versus leisure traveller.Strategies:- Cut operating costs- Codesharing- Outsourcing- Jetstar- New aircraft acquisition- Hedging fuel costs- Safety record- Should have classified strategies such as cooperative strategiesGeneral:Should have attempted to answer the case questions in the concluding remarks.
    • 27/02/2007
    • 01:16:19
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