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  • Very Nicely Done

    Well done. This essay has been very well thought out and easy to understand. I do wonder however that you could have gone a bit more thorough in your research, but other then that, well done.
    • 17/06/2008
    • 01:47:59
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  • Corrections to be mades

    Search the following 'text' and remove it, when you were typing it some text didn't come out right.They are,"alien&#8221‘canoe tree&#8217&#8220&#8221's&#8217‘Thukeri&#8217"&#8230't"For future reference, use the preview button to double check your text before sending it in.Having said that, the information given is top-notch, and is a correct display of aboriginal lifestyle.
    • 13/06/2008
    • 17:47:56
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