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  • Only slavery?

    sure, slavery was a main issue in the civil war and differences between the north and south, but this issue only served as a vehicle for the main underlying concerns, varying political beliefs between the two groups: states rights or one centralized government.
    • 23/03/2003
    • 20:54:30
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  • Good job

    good overview of many of the different sides/opinions regarding abortion. whats you personal beflief?
    • 20/03/2003
    • 21:33:22
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  • Connections

    good connections between both the narrator and bartleby to melville's own life. i just read the story and had no idea melville could relate so well to bartleby.
    • 06/03/2003
    • 10:32:41
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  • Hypocracy?

    for hester, she is faced with more of a tragic flaw that a flaw of hypocracy. she loved dimmesdale and felt her sin was against him rather than God or the community so only dimmesdale could grant her fogiveness, which is why she suffers as long as she does. also, chillingworth never takes the hypocratic oath as he is not a true doctor, he merely pretends to be one to get close to dimmesdale for his own revenge, but this is a good detail to pick up on. overall a good essay.
    • 04/02/2003
    • 16:19:15
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  • :)

    good explanation of holden's need to establish relationships throughout the story, excellent quotes to support your statements
    • 22/01/2003
    • 22:50:28
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