The controversial use of steriods in athletics.

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From the dawn of time, creatures have engaged in varying forms of competition. In the animal world this can be exhibited in the fighting of elephant seals for the position of dominant male, or bighorn sheep over territory. The Greeks developed the first forms of organized competition with the Olympic Games in Athens. From that point on, sport was born and the evolution of competition could not be halted. Innocent, friendly games of baseball have turned to homerun derbies, while football has become the sport of the super-athlete where competing comes before injury or personal sacrifice. The gap between the good and the bad is growing, while the difference between the good and the great is extreme.

Modern athletes engage in rigorous physical, dietary, and mental training to be at the top of their games at all times. However, at the very top of each sport the difference between first and second place may be measured in millimeters, not centimeters, and fractions of a second rather than any feasible amount of time.

When athletes rely on success for a paycheck, extreme measures can be taken to gain the upper hand. While any amount of training or dieting can only put a person in their top physical shape, chemicals can bring these athletes new levels of physical accomplishment. Steroids can make up for skipped workouts, an improper diet, or simply allow the athlete to reach success made impossible by genetic, physical limitations. However, these steroids make competition extremely unbalanced between users and nonusers.

Since the use of steroids in competitors of major sporting events, such as the Olympics has been confirmed through drug testing, controversy has arisen over whether performance enhancing drugs (steroids) should be allowed. If not caught, competitors can go on for months, even years benefiting from the positive...