Steriods and Baseball

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Over the past few years there has been a controversy involving steroids and their role in baseball. Many have argued over the advantages and disadvantages of the usage of steroids in baseball, using valid points for both sides. Are the advantages to taking steroids worth overlooking the disadvantages?

Anabolic steroids resemble the male hormones, such as testosterone. These are the type of steroids that are used by athletes. Using this type of steroid is illegal unless there is a prescription and the prescription is usually for AIDS patients or those with diseases that cause loss of lean muscle mass. Anabolic steroids focus on the anabolic properties of the body, such as the tissue building aspect. Accelerated muscle growth is also an effect, which accounts for the well toned muscles. However, along with the anabolic effects come with the androgenic effects, which are the sex related characteristics.

Using steroids have a greater effect on the body in the long term of the situation.

There are many side effects to using anabolic steroids. The usage of steroids may increase the chance of getting cancer, because it seems that many of us may have two or three cancer cells in us and taking steroids may help the cancer develop faster, such as prostate in men. Shutting down an aggressive immune system is also a side effect causing little viruses to get through and do their damage. There might be extensive heart and liver damage, endocrine-system problems, elevated cholesterol levels, chances of strokes, and shrinkage and dysfunction of genitalia, such as low sperm count and increase of infertility. Why how does that happen? In some people the steroids may affect the brain function and mood, usually causing aggressive behavior, what some call "roid" rage. However, along with these side effects, injecting steroids also comes...