Steriods in Sports

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There is more going on here than just the decades-old debate over steroid use in sports. The U.S. and the world edge of revolution in drugs and therapies that will redefine our notions of human achievements, America can no longer afford to deny the use of doping among athletes at all levels. From high school to pro sports, the use steroids and other performance-enhancing substances is all too common. In some sports, it has become a requirement for entry into the elite level, and to me and probably every other fan, that is not the answer.

The athlete that thinks using steroids to enhance his or her performance is not only cheating the sport but they are also cheating their life. Steroids may contain some substances that can be harmful to a human body. Even though the athlete taking the drugs knows they can be lethal, they will always take that extra step to become better than that other guy.

They don?t think about their health, they think about the fame they think about the riches they may get with their fake talent.

There may be people who disagree with me about the use of steroids in sports. For example in baseball, lately some baseball players have been accused of taking some kind of drugs to make them stronger. There are players who say steroids don?t make better hand eye coordination and baseball is all about that. They say taking steroids doesn?t make them hit the ball better. The point here is that famous athletes from this age and era don?t seem to care if someone is taking drugs to become better.