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  • Great!

    Excellent, this is very good. Although do you really expect me to believe that 10th grader as written an 3000 word essay of such high standard?! But, nevertheless, a great piece of work.
    • 17/03/2004
    • 18:53:17
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  • Sources??

    Excuse me, but where did you get all the information from, what are your sources? Just paste, ur sources into the "content box" and post it up as an comment, that way, you don't have to submit the whole essay again with the bibliography. But excellent work though :)
    • 06/03/2004
    • 12:08:32
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  • Thanx

    Dude, thanx a lot. I'm doing a project about Tourism in Athens, and your info helped me out a lot and I mean a lot!Keep up the good work!
    • 23/11/2003
    • 13:25:45
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