How tourism has affected the the Physical and Human Environment of Jordan.

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The effects on the physical environment are very visible. More and more land is being build on since the hotels in much known places have to become bigger and bigger. Since Aqaba is the only coast, the coast is covered hotels and harbors. The reefs are being damages by the ships that come by the whole time and there is pollution from the hotels. Another example is the Dead Sea, since the salt is very wanted it has to be taken out which causes the sea to be covered by salt factories which make everything look ugly and not very nice. One good thing is that the valley Wadi Dana for example is protected so the tourists are being watched so they don't pollute. On the other hand, the cities are being overcrowded by the tourists since there are only to main cities in Jordan and those are the only places where there are hotels.

In national parks, the pollution isn't stopped and the hotels are build inside so land is taken away and trees have to be cut down which are very rare in Jordan.


The effects on the human environment are also clear and effect the country even more. Since tourism started growing, more and more international food chains and shops came over destroying local stores and restaurants. Only the best survived. Things are getting more expensive since there are high taxes on things like normal food and clothing. The only cheap things are found in local stores that are located more in the slumps. The continues building of stores and hotels near sites is bringing to many visitors which is bad for ruins and get more things polluted. This is causing higher costs which this country cannot afford. Another affect is when tourism is...