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Today, Sweden is a striving country using the most of the resources it has. It's located in Northern Europe and is considered large in comparison to the surrounding nations. In fact it has a larger mass then California. Within these 449,964 square kilometers lies running water in tremendous amounts.

This leads to the first resource that is Sweden's largest and most profitable. It can be found at the thousands of running rivers that engulf the country. This resource is hydroelectricity. By utilizing the rivers that flow from the towering mountain tops the Swedish have saved a bundle while making the most of mother nature.

Another resource are the amounts of iron ore and other mineral that this beautiful country has used to propel it's economy. Although when I say beautiful it might be an understatement. The country is covered by lushes trees that cover 60% of the land. They are then used for obvious reasons such as paper goods and lumber.

With a well organized market the Swedish economy employed 4.4 million workers. Unlike many other countries Sweden's workers are happy with their positions and treatment making a strike very rare. I find this exceptional under the monarchy that is currently in acted in the government. Within the 24 counties their are elected councils and boards. This to me is a strong sign of the people interacting to do what is best for the economy.

Among decisions that slowly climb up the political ladder is the very active and important trades that occur. While currently involved in the European Free Trade Association the major exports that Sweden has to offer are iron, forest products, food, and even some petroleum. We are included in the vast group of traders with Sweden along with Germany, Britain, Denmark, and France.

From these...