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Country or City One of the toughest descions that a family has to make is if they want to live in the country or the city. This is a very important decision that a family has to make. With every decision that a family has to make they have to weigh the pro's and con's. Living in the country instead of the city is a much better place to live for a family in toady's society.

When deciding on a place to live a family must consider the population. Living in the country the population is always much lower. Having a low population ease the stress that occurs in the city. There is not much congestion on the roads, there are not long lines at the grocery store, and there is not always the sense of urgency. Living in the city the population is almost always very high. The streets are always congested, the grocery stores are always crowded, and there is always a sense of urgency.

Living in the country with a low population is much better than living in the city with a high population.

The crime rate must be considered when deciding on a place to live. The crime rate in the country is very low. People in the country tend to be very friendly and helpful. People in the country help each Richard Knight 2 other rather than robbing each other. Crime in the city is outrageous. The people in the city keep to themselves and would rather not help their neighbor because they are in a hurry or just don't care. The inner city is a haven for crime and murder. Living in the country is much safer than in the city.

Finally, the education system must be considered before choosing a place to live.