Global Warming

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The Effects of Global Warming ENERGY PROJECT The impacts of rapid global warming and its potential to directly influence climates all around the world have many environmental consequences. This is true for plants and animals that do not have the ability to adapt to sudden climate changes.

However, from a strictly economic point of view there could be both positive and negative impacts of climate change. In some regions of the world, regions will benefit from warmer climates. There may be longer growing seasons and less harsh winters. At the same time, other regions might experience drought conditions and or serious flooding. The economic advantages and disadvantages will depend not only on the region's geographic location but also on the ability of that region to adapt quickly to the changing conditions. In most cases the effects of global warming will be negative.

The world's nations could face many challenges related to climate change.

Where serious environmental and ecological problems exist in the world, particularly in developing countries, global warming will tend to add to these problems. In areas where natural disasters are frequent, disasters may increase and become more severe.

Many of the world's mid-latitude forests could be threatened with an increased fire risk because of the drying climate. The water needs in some parts of the world could outstrip the supply. Changes in evaporation and precipitation patterns would cause severe water loss. In areas already experiencing water shortages and loss of habitat, warming could add to the problem. Tropical diseases might move northward into areas where there is little or no immunity built up within the population. More southerly nations might be affected heavily by these problems. Flood damage to low-lying countries could be serious and some of them may lose coastal land to rising sea levels. Many...