Ecuadorian Culture is Unique

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South American culture is unique in the way it ties in the old and new world. Unlike many other cultures that evolve from the ancient ways, South America’s old world still lives in the present. To walk in the streets of South America exposes you to market places filled with a rainbow of fruits and vegetables, hand stitched clothing, and herbal remedies.

In my country of Ecuador for instance, main cities sit alone in the center of large rain forests. This basically means that the nearest cities are usually several hours away from each other. Even though the distance isn’t that great, the travel requires driving through many curves and around large mountains. This however does not mean that the next human being is also hours away, in Ecuador the native tribes reside in the forests that surrounded the civilized lands. These indigenous people live in wooden shacks with no electric or running water and will occasionally walk the city streets.

There are similarities in Hispanic cultures of the native South Americans and the new age families. The father is still considered the head of the household, the one in charge of every aspect of the family and its needs for survival. The mother is responsible for raising the children and taking care of the house and the children grow up with a moral responsibility for helping the family.

Another way the Hispanic culture is unique is the way the families interact among each other. Hispanic people tend to perform actions that benefit the whole as a group rather than focusing on one's self. The culture focuses on the idea that it is better to grow as a together rather then living separated. My parent’s always criticize the fact that we have lived in our house in New Jersey...