The Kyoto Protocol & The Effect on Canada

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The article I have chosen for this assignment is entitled "The Energy Wars Erupt Again" by Mike Byfield from The Report Magazine dated September 25, 2002. The core focal point of the article is based on the Kyoto Protocol, Alberta's role versus the Federal Government and how it could affect Canada and Canadians as well as the International community.

The article also focused on (then) Prime Minister Jean Chrétien's opposition towards the United States and Alberta, in particular over the Kyoto Protocol and how his position could affect relations between them in the future.

An additional focus in the article was the attempt by former Alberta Premier Peter Lougheed to prevent the Kyoto Protocol from being ratified by the Liberal government under Jean Chretien. The author referred numerous times to the National Energy Policy of 1980 and how there seemed to be similarities between the NEP and the Kyoto Protocol with regards to the Federal Government's position on Alberta.

It seems that yet another battle between Alberta and the Federal Government, similar to that of the one over the NEP, is brewing over what was deemed by many to be a threat to Alberta's future prosperity even though the majority of Canadian's (and Albertan's) were in favor of it.

The article exposed some of the effects of global warming and the conflicting scientific views around the world about the problem. A comparison was made regarding the varying levels of commitment by other countries compared to Canada - who would be the only Western country legally obligated by the terms of the agreement.

The emphasis that I have based my discussion on is the Kyoto Protocol and how it may affect Canada in the future with regards to relations between the Western Provinces, in particular Alberta, and the Federal...