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  • Mom of the year awards...

    From the perspective of a single mom going to College I can empathise with the author's points. She minimises the extent of the real effects of stress, time management and other responsibilities that a CEO of a major corporation would find overwhelming. Although I agree with the points in this essay, the way it is written (ie Grammar, use of sources etc.) is simple in form. Overall? Good job.
    • 25/04/2003
    • 18:27:57
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  • Influences

    While the author of this essay has a few relevant and well thought out points, there are a couple things that caught my attention. The author tends to be fairly inconsistent with her grammar. Switching from student to children to his/her throughout. Also, the author tends to use some terms that I find are not socially responsible..."normal children", "poor schools". The quotes and sources are all quoted quite well. All in all, not a bad essay.
    • 20/04/2003
    • 19:56:30
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