Hardships and effects of being a single mom and going to college.

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Cause and Effect

Being a single mom and going to college at the same time, can be very draining for any woman. Taking care of a child financially by ones self can be a difficult job all on its own, but when you add full time college to this picture, there are many effects that can make this a negative, but brave, choice.

Going to school, puts a lot of stress on this poor mother. She will have very little time for anything else, including sleep. The mother will have to do lots of homework and take care of her child at the same time, leaving her little or no time at all for her family, or even for herself. She will have more expenses that are already ample, because she has no help from a spouse.

This mother will have a lot of stress to deal with as a daily routine.

She will wake up earlier than most people will, because she not only has to get herself ready she has to get her child ready as well. This puts a strain on the mothers sleeping patterns, which will eventually cause great amounts of stress.

She will then feed her child, but the busy mother usually eats on the go. After she is finished with school, she will pick up her child from daycare and she will go home.

Just picking up and dropping off children can be very exhausting on anyone. Then after school she will go home and take care of her child until it is bedtime. After her children go to sleep, she gets to do her homework. She will stay up late finishing her 4-6 hours of home work a night and then usually work herself to sleep. Are you stressed out yet? Well you...