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  • What you need is evidence to support your point

    1. I hope you realize that Sadam and Osama hate each other very much. Because Sadam is the most "unreligious" leader in the middle-east, while Osama is very much Islamic extremist. There maybe contact between the two, but definitely far from "supporting" Osama.2. Sadam did oppress the Kurds. But the Kurds themselves are far from innocent. Also this did not seem to stop the US from supporting Iraq during the Iraq-Iran war.3. If Sadam had WMD, why didn't he use them in the recent war? not a single one!Obviously Bush was more willing to use WMD than Sadam. The US used incendiary bombs on Iraqi troop. incendiary bombs are banned by an international treaty. (which the US refused to sign).4. leader who kills his people. As if the US government never killed US citizen? who about all those people on deathroll? all those killed by police in riots and demonstrations, remember Ken. State? Did any country invade the US, sack the capital in response?5. Pre-emptive strike. Whoever believe in this theory is even lower than Sadam. Iraq never invaded or plan to invade the US!!!If US have the right to pre-emptive strike Iraq. Then Iraq also had the right to pre-emptive strike Kuwait.
    • 07/05/2003
    • 21:13:21
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  • This essay is full of misinformation

    1. Taiwan never ever declared independence, so how can it be an independent country?2. in 1945, Chinese did NOT "unlawfully" take back Taiwan. Taiwan was ceded because China lost the war to Japan in 1895. In 1945, China won the war against Japan, so taking back Taiwan was very much lawful and was supported by the allied countries.
    • 04/05/2003
    • 13:32:36
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