The war in Iraq.

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Saddam, Iraq, and The United States

Would a country benefit from having a leader who kills citizens of his own nation only out of prejudice? Could a citizen of this same country be able to pay taxes knowing that the revenue generated would be used to support terrorists causes around the world? Moreover would that same citizen feel safe to live in that same country knowing that a man with only the equivalent to a ninth grade education holds all power over that country's weapons of mass destruction. In Iraq Saddam Hussein should no longer be aloud to be in power because he has committed genocide, supported terrorist groups, and he cannot be trusted with weapons of mass destruction, and even less if some of those could be chemical and biological weapons. We need to be militarily involved in this war in Iraq because he is a menace to peace and freedom in the U.S.A.

and the entire world.

In 1998 Saddam was guilty of committing genocide to the Kurdish citizens, which inhabit northern Iraq. Murder, arms dealing, extortion, and, other crimes by village guards were part of daily life in Kurdistan. A total of 3,687 guards presently face charges for such offenses. There were 108 cases of Extortion, 196 murders, 16 cases of aggravated assault, 208 cases of arms smuggling, 57 kidnappings and there were 13 rapes! Most, if not all of these guards, were released and most are currently running mafias with a close relationship with the government. There are also rumors of him using biological weapons to wipe out another large amount of Kurds.

Saddam cannot be trusted with weapons of mass destruction, chemical, or biological weapons. There is not a country in the world that would be best led by a ninth grader. That leader would...