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  • Renaissance period

    This is not quite properly explained: simple shawm instruments were used right up to the end of the Renaissance period, and oboes as such only arrived in the mid 1700s - still unkeyed. Also from the beginning of the Renaissance another group of double reeds, the "windcap" family appeared - the crumhorn, cornemuse and rauschpfeife are members of this. Well written essay.
    • 25/04/2004
    • 08:27:43
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  • Not particularly accurate.

    As with all Hollywood interpretations, very little of the reality of a composer's life and music is preserved."There was much friction between his father and his wife." - try using normal English!"Herr" is the German word for a married man - it is the wrong word to use for "young Mozart".
    • 01/06/2003
    • 11:34:28
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  • Really useful

    This is very comprehensive and useful for me. Did you know that the world's largest organ has almost 4000 pipes? :-)
    • 01/06/2003
    • 11:23:46
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