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Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

The movie takes place in Vienna, Austria in the 1700's. The film begins with the attempted suicide of Antonio Salieri, a court composer of the Austrian Emperor. He is placed in a mental asylum where a priest visits and asks for his confession. Salieri claims to have caused the death of Mozart. The rest of the movie is a narration by the court composer, mostly in flashbacks, of how he caused this death.

Salieri recounts that while he was playing games as a boy Mozart was playing music for the King. At the age of four, Mozart composed his first concerto, at seven, his first symphony, and at twelve, his first opera. He was considered a child prodigy.

Salieri wished to become a famous composer, like his idol. However, his father would not allow this. He didn't want his son to be a 'trained monkey, on tour around Europe performing tricks like a circus'.

Salieri prayed to God and what he considered a miracle happened: his father dies and he was able to pursue his musical studies. He eventually became a popular musician and teacher in the Emperor's court. When he heard Mozart was coming to Vienna from Salzburg, he eagerly sought him out. He finally found him at a party, way from the other guests, acting like a silly animal, chasing a young woman. However, as soon as he heard his music starting without him, he changed into a serious musician, rushing to take his place as conductor. Salieri noticed that Mozart conducted without notes. Although he recognized that Mozart was a 'giggling, dirty-minded creature', he was also able to see the genius in him. He couldn't understand why God had chosen a 'obscene child to be his instrument'. At another time, Mozart's wife presents...