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  • Abortion

    The beginning of your essay is imformative. When you are writing an arguementive essay one such a strong issue one should use fact based opinions instead of writing with just your emotions and feelings toward the subject. You want to make sure not to offend your audience. Remember, you should use factual evidence to support your agruement in order to get your audience to agree with you.
    • 31/07/2003
    • 18:09:02
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  • False Words and False Hope

    Informative and effective.
    • 31/07/2003
    • 18:00:17
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  • Eczema

    Good and effective essay.
    • 31/07/2003
    • 17:56:10
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  • Vancouver Old Courthouse

    Good essay although you could do some editing and breakup the main body into seperate paragraphs. The first one could explain who built it and when and the second could describe what it looks like and what it is made of. Also could you explain what/who a CPR is?
    • 31/07/2003
    • 17:35:01
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  • The Genetic Disease - Color Blindness

    I think your intro could be a little stronger. Also, maybe the essay will be more effective if you have just one body paragraph to explain the different types of color blindness and another paragraph explaining the cause and effects of color blindness instead of combining both of the two issues in just one paragraph.
    • 31/07/2003
    • 17:25:25
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