The American Dream

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Most American people see the American dream as living as a filthy rich person in a nice big house with the best of everything. This is a very over rated lifestyle, but one many crave, and only some achieve. Most people living in poverty, savoring and appreciating everything they have primarily because they have hardly anything at all, the American dream is just being able to live in America and get by. Some people crave to be millionaires and live the best lifestyle they can have everything they want and not having to worry about money. Some just want to have a meal on the table. Regardless of the dream, they are both hopes of people everywhere.

For some, achieving their goal is easy, and for some it is hard, or near impossible. There are two different views of achieving the American dream. The first of the two would be being rich and famous, living like a king.

Some people end up like this, but loose other things such as family, friends, and trust. Friends, family, and trust, are all things that are very important in others' life. To some, achieving the American dream isn't all about living like a king and having all the money they can dream of, but just having a family, and a warm meal on the table every night. Immigrants on the other hand, might not have it as easy as some Americans. Today there are a lot of people born into wealth. Immigrants, who come here for a better chance, are not so fortunate. These are the people who dream of just having a family and a meal on the table. People born into wealth are usually the ones who dream big, of mansions and expensive cloths and sports cars. Some are greedy, some...